Stress Relief

Stress Relief

In a fast-paced world, it is easy to overwork yourself, take on too many commitments, and extend yourself to the point of exhaustion. This energy imbalance weakens the immune system. If we take care of ourselves by eating properly, getting enough rest and exercise, and practicing techniques that release tension and balance our bodies, then our resistance to illness is strong. If, on the other hand, we abuse our bodies, push ourselves too hard, eat poorly, don’t exercise, and fail to release tension, our immune system weakens, and we are more prone to illness. Acupressure and deep breathing strengthen the immune system and can help you ward off disease.

Everyday stresses accumulate inside our bodies, causing shoulder and neck tensions as well as anxieties that often make it hard to breathe. I use Acupressure, deep breathing, and stretching exercises daily to counteract the common daily pressures in my life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine discovered that excesses of particular activities weaken the immune system by overstressing certain Acupressure meridian pathways. The following potent points are described in detail below.

  • Excess standing damages the Bladder and Kidney Meridians, which can cause fatigue and low backaches. To restore these meridians, stimulate the Sea of Vitality points (B 23 and B 47) by rubbing your lower back for one minute. Then hold Elegant Mansion (K 27), directly below your collarbone, for another minute. Finally, hold the Bigger Stream (K 3) points on the insides of your ankles for one minute, as you breathe deeply.
  • Excess sitting can damage the Stomach and Spleen Meridians, which can contribute to anemia or digestive disorders. Stimulate the Three Mile Points (St 36) on the outsides of your calves to benefit these meridians.
  • Excess lying down can damage the Large Intestine and Lung Meridians, which can affect both respiration and elimination. For these meridians, use Joining the Valley (Hoku, LI 4), in the valley between the thumb and forefinger, and Crooked Pond (LI 11), on the upper edge of your elbow crease.
  • Excess use of your eyes, as in close desk work, or emotional stress can damage the Small Intestine and Heart Meridians, which can create emotional imbalances. The Sea of Tranquility (CV 17) on the center of your breastbone is an excellent point for balancing these meridians.
  • Excess physical exertion can damage the Gallbladder and Liver Meridians, which can cause cramps and spasms. Use Bigger Rushing (Lv 3) on the top of your feet to benefit these meridians.

By using these Acupressure points regularly, balancing your activities, and practicing deep breathing, you can counteract stresses, prevent fatigue, and boost your immune system. Deep breathing exercises alone can greatly increase your energy level and boost your immune system. Try A Breathing Exercise for the Immune System at the bottom of this page to help enhance your breathing.

Diet also plays an important role in building resistance to illness. When we eat processed, preserved, or devitalized foods, we weaken our immune system and our resistance because these foods have been stripped of necessary nutrients and fiber. Certain foods, such as miso soup, parsley, beans, tofu, sea vegetables, fresh vegetables, and lightly toasted sesame seeds can strengthen the immune system and reinforce the body’s ability to protect itself.

I hope the above information will help you with your daily lives.

Daniella Pantaleo 

Shenbands Inc.


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Written by: Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D